My own Dusty day

Did you know that an event called “Dusty Day” takes place once a year? I have heard about it before but never participated. I´m more of a Lone Ranger that way, caught up in my one feelings an thoughts. Listening to Dusty in my headphones. But who knows, someday I might check it out. Not many of my friends can relate to my  Dusty obsession. They are more in to the latest hits on Spotify.

Anyway, I’m planning my on little Dusty event. I want to introduce my friends to Dustins voice and I have found the perfect way to do it. I’m going to invite them – and their husbands – to a “Casino Royale night”. You know that movie, the parody that came out in the 60’s? Dusty sang one of the songs in the movie – The look of love.

Since my husband – and I – love to gamble, I´m going to invite them to a poker night. We are going to dress up, have fun, listen to Dusty and play poker all night long. Perhaps me and my girl friends will try out the roulette set my husband bought last month. I love the roulette and I want to play It live, with my friends. Like I have mentioned before we like to try some slots online sometimes. It´s not very often but we like to keep updated and following sites that gadering information about different casinos. Sites like I guess there will be a visit before my party, just to warm up 🙂

I wonder where I can find suitable clothes for the evening? And how I´m going to transform my home to a Casino Royale… I want it to be magic, like walking right in to the movie (where I will receive my guests dressed up like Dusty – off course 😉 ).

I would like to do some kind of quiz with Dusty quotes as well… There’s much to think about.

I have to get going now, I will tell you more in my next post.