Dusty Springfield and her lovelife

It’s not often talked about and yet today we do not have that much information about this but according to various sources Dusty Springfield was a lesbian. To press and espacially British press she never admitted it or mentioned it. She kept it a secret all the time, until she died. In fact she said that she was in a relationship to a man, she called him ”a canadian no one know” However, it is a fact that she was married to Teda Bracci and that they got married in Canada in 1983. That was the only marriage she had, she had a lot of relationships byt Teda Bracci was her wife.

Before marrying Teda Bracci Dusty had various relationships, mostly known to the gay community. Between 1972-1978 Dusty was in a relationship with the photo journalist Faye Harris. It was an on and off relationship before she met rocker Carole Pope. All her relationships were very stormy.

When she later on met Teda Bracci they fell in love and had an unofficial wedding ceremony when they got married in 1983 in Canada. Teda Bracci was an American actress who Dusty had met at Alcoholics Anonymous, according to sources. Note that I don’t exactly know if this is true but I’ve searched a lot about info on Dusty Springfield as I am a huge fan of her. Due to this I know that many sources write the same: this. Their relationship lasted only two years and after that Dusty moved first to Amsterdam and after that back to Britain.

”She was never totally comfortable with the fact that she was a lesbian. She was very open privately with me but I think her Catholic background stayed with her right to the end and she never completely came to terms with it.” This is a quote I found said by her close friend and backing singer Simon Bell. In the quote Simon Bell continues, “There were certain things she was addicted to, like the drink and the drugs and indeed relationships, that she eventually learned she just couldn’t have,”

Dusty had a lot of love affairs but the one with Teda Bracci the most known. Probably because of the fact that they got married. No one accept Dusty and Teda probably know why the marriage broke. Dusty was as said a very secret person about her love life and she kept it a secret.

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