The Swinging Sixties

Dusty Springfield the sixties

Dusty Springfield was a great inspiration and big part of the ”Swinging London”, as London in the 1960’s often is referred to. I thought I’d tell you a bit of the ”Swinging London” and what the name stands for.

I was born in 1963 so my parents has told me great memories from this time. They didn’t live in London then but the trends and the ideas in London spread to the whole U.K so I know they have great memories from then. Before I was born they lived in London and I remember them going to London for weekends while I stayed with my aunt Lisa at home after we moved.

So, this phenomenon; the “Swinging London” or the “Swinging Sixties” emphasizes the new, the modern and the young and this was a cultural revolution mostly based in London. The bad economy from World War Two held on in the U.K. during the 1950’s but in the 1960’s the economy started getting better and in London a big mass of youth grew up. These both important facts that had a big impact on this decade. The new culture was based from London although the great band The Beatles came from Liverpool. However most designers, artists, models and culture people lived in London and particularly in a small area of London, around Carnaby Street and the neighborhood around King’s Street in Chelsea. So this area began to grow and became a center for the ”Swinging London”. The young, modern, new London with new ideas and lots of culture. The hit London Calling by The Clash, the style icon Mary Quant, the model Twiggy and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood are all icons of this time. Art, music and fashion was flourishing. Politic activism was driven by sexual liberation, freedom of expression and an anti-nuclear movements.

So, Dusty Springfield who were born in 1939 were young in the 1960’s. She lived in London before moving to the US. In 1963 she released her first solo album and it became a great hit among the listeners. Many of her songs became significant hits that still brings your thoughts to the Swinging London.

To sum it up, she was a big icon of the Swinging Sixties with her heavy make-up, evening gowns and blonde perfect hair. She was very influated by these years and time and she held on to her look for the rest of her life. She also influated many people and she’s been an icon of the Swinging Sixties in London.