The dark years of Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield beautiful

Dusty herself has said in interviews that she was born with some sort of melancholy. ”Melalcholy and mad at the same time” she called herself ones in an interview. And she had a struggled life. Maybe it was her troubled childhood that affected her, but even through her grown up life she had argues and fights with lovers, family and friends and she struggled with a long time drug and alcohol addiction and mental illness. Probably her childhood affected her a lot, that’s at least my believe. It’s said that her father also had a drinking problam and her mother had problems with anger.

She was very private as a person and during her time in the spotlight the newspaper left out a lot of information. Nowadays it’s out in the open that Dusty was a lesbian, but back then it wasn’t the same. This wasn’t familure to all of her fans, as said newspaper often left it out. However most of the people around her knew but she did her best to hide it. I thought I’d write more about that another time. Maybe her being a lesbian and the insecurity of that in the 60’s and 70’s has been an impact on her. But she also suffered from other things.

Especially during her time in America and Hollywood her alcoholism and mental illness grew stronger. Much if it probably beacuse of the difficulties she had with being a famous person and career issues. She swung in her mood a lot, from wanting to harm herself to also harming others. With her wife Teda Bracci who she married in 1983 she had big argues that could result with Dusty really hurt at a hospital. One time her mouth was so hurt she had to take help from a plastic surgeon to fix it. Two years later she was admitted to a psychiatric locked ward after a suicide attempt. This wasn’t the first time she tried to kill herself, it had happend before and it happened again after this period. Her self-disgust was real, she was insecure with her look and she had various plastic operations to improve herself. This is not the legend singer we know, but this is the true dark side of Dusty Springfield.

Of course this way of living created huge problems. For example one time she knocked down a woman when driving her sports car way to fast. She had love affairs behind the back of her wife Norma. When partying and drinking too much she often lost her voice. She was instabile. It was probably hard for her family and friend to watch all this.

As you her this faboulous pop star wasn’t always no angel. Her mental illness and personal problems affected not only her but also people she loved. However she created wonderful music that I am so fund of.