Dusty Springfield – the look

Dusty Springfield is for me one of the most beautiful women all time. Her look is legendary and she is one of the most significant woman of the British 1960’s London look. She is worth her nickname ”Queen of Mods” since she took the Mods look to new levels. With her panda eyes and bouffant hair she’s one of the big style icons of the last century. And a personal favourite of mine as you all know. Therefore I’ll tell you a bit about more her popular look.

When we think of Dusty Springfield we all have in mind her big panda eyes, the 60s iconic short sparkling dresses and the big blonde perfect hair. She was a rebel and had a very personal style that went along with her music and songs perfectly. In the 1950’s she was very influated by glamourous women like Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot. Just as them she was a big fan of the eyeliner and heavy mascara look. Teamed up with the short glittery dresses and the bouffant hair, she became one of the big style icons of the 1960’s. Yet today we can see her style trending as artists and singers take a lot of inspiration from her. For example Madonna and Amy Winehouse has been influated by her style.

During the 70’s and 80’s she adopted new trends to stay fresh, for example the longer hair and the embellished suits were new Dusty favourites during the 1970’s and 80’s. But she kept her individual classic style and that’s probably why she’s become such a style icon. A famous Dusty quote is: “To be the star they wanted, I had to hide behind a mask, and I chose mascara.” It definitly says something about her, and how she felt about being a celebrity.

As you can hear, I love Dusty’s style and I would very much like to see her in a new modern way. Me and my husband were talking the other night and came up with the idea of a video slot with Dusty theme. Wouldn’t that be great? NetEnt has recently released video slots with rock theme, for example Guns N’ Roses and Jimi Hendrix (you can read about it here). Why don’t they make slots with 60’s theme? The video slot could have Dusty Springfield theme with her music and style. Probably this site would write about it. However, I think it’s a great idea!

Finally, I thought I’d give you my favorite Dusty outfits. To me her 60’s look is the best. It’s so much her, being a rebel and trendsetter. So, here you go, my Dusty Springfield favourites:

dusty-look-3 dusty-look-2 Dusty Springfield look