Dusty Springfield – the legend

Dusty Springfield, the legend pop singer and record producer was born in West Hampstead, London year 1939. You’ve probably never heard of the name Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien but that is her birth name. She made her way inte the heart of lots of people and she has been the frontfigure of the swinging London in the 1960’s. Since you’re probably familure with many of her hits I thought I’d give you a short biography to the fantastic hit producer and lovely singer Dusty Springfield.

Dusty Springfield was born in a family that enjoyed music and she learned to sing very early. Her family also loved music and used to sing together. 1960 she and her brother started the pop-folk vocal trio Springfield’s. The band consisted of her, her brother and Tim Field who later was replaced by Mike Herst. In addition to this she and her brother renamed themselves with the stage names Dusty and Tom Springfield. They recorded several top hits as ”Island of Dreams” and ”Say I wont be there” and their release “Silver Threads and Golden Needles” even made it to the U.S. charts which for British bands were rare at this time. But in 1963 she started a solo career and yet today her hits ”I only want to be with you”, ”Son of a preacher man”, ”I just don’t know what to do with myself” and many more are legendary and loved by many people around the world. She got to know real success in 1968 when her album ”Dusty in Memphis” who she’d recorded with legendary music producer Jerry Wexler. This album was a huge success and the top hit ”Son of a preacher man” become number 10 at U.S. Charts that year.

She had a fascination for America and moved their in the 1970’s. But Dusty had a lot of personal trouble and drug issues she struggled a lot with. However she did continue to record music and she kept on releasing new music late in the 1990′. In 1987 she together with Pet Shop Boys released the single ”What have I done to deserve this”. Dusty passed away from cancer on March 2, 1999 only 60 years old.

I would like to end this short bio by recommending some of my favourite Dusty Springfield hits all time:
1. ”Don’t Forget about me” (1969)
2. “Silver Threads and Golden Needles” (1962)
3. ”Son of a preacher man” (1968)